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Name: Billy Gunn
Nickname: Badd Ass
Birthdate: November 11
Hometown: Austin, TX
Weight: 268 pounds
Height: 6' 4"
Finisher: Fame-asser

Career Highlights:
- Won the 1999 King of the Ring
- WWF Tag Team Champion (6)
- WWF Hardcore Champion (1)

After the Gunns went their separate ways, Billy found a new attitude along with the Road Dogg Jesse James. As the New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and Badd Ass captured the Tag Team Titles three times, making Gunn the only superstar in Federation history to be a six-time champion in the tag team division. One night after WrestleMania XIV, the Outlaws joined D-Generation X, the most powerful and influential faction in Federation history. Together, the Outlaws became perhaps the most popular and successful duo in Federation history.

As great as Badd Ass is in the tag team ranks, many experts say this phenomenal athlete could be even better in singles competition. He began to live up to those high expectations when he nearly captured the Intercontinental Championship on multiple occasions, and then secured the Hardcore Title just before WrestleMania XV.

Bio is from the Official World Wrestling Federation Site