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Name: Chyna
Nickname: Ninth Wonder of the World
Fav. Band: Van Halen
Fav. Sport: Boxing
Fav. Athlete: Mike Tyson
Fav. TV Show: 60 Minutes
Fav. Food: Chicken
Finisher: The Low Blow

Career Highlights:
- Competed in the 1999 Royal Rumble
- Trained by legend, "Killer" Kowalski
- Former bodygaurd of D-Generation X
- Member of the Corporate Ministry

After having studied professional wrestling under the legendary Killer Kowalski, this muscular female decided that another one of his former students could use her assistance. Triple H, the student to which Kowalski measured all the rest, had been looking for someone new to accompany him ringside to watch his back. Realizing that all the men he had trusted with the job had failed him, Triple H was certainly open to the idea of allowing a female to perform the task. The two superstars immediately formed a bond and are, with Shawn Michaels, the founding members of DX.

Chyna has also proved her mettle in the ring. She was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble, when she earned a bid in 1999. The presence of Chyna in the World Wrestling Federation has broken every barrier that any woman was ever faced within this male-dominated business. As the backbone of D-Generation X, Chyna has made herself heard loud and clear: "I am woman - watch me rip your !@#$% head off!!!"

Bio is from the Official World Wrestling Federation Site