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Meeting The Heartbreak Kid in Rhode Island!!

It was in December and I had gone to a live WWF event in Provdence, R.I. at the Civic Center. It was extremely cold out, and my best friend and I where freezing :) We had been standing out there since 7am that morning. At about 4pm, a green Blazer pulls into the parking lot, and it was him, Shawn Michaels himself :) While my voice was trying not to crack, I said, "Shawn, Baby, keep me warm, I'm freezing." Shawn looked up at me with the bigest smile and said, "Sure, Baby, give me a sec." I almost died! He gave me a big hug and a kiss, and I said that I was sorry for what I had said. He said, "It's ok, Honey, I'm not mad at you for it". I got his autograph and a picture taken with him, and my best friend had her picture taken with him, too! That was the best experience I ever had!!!