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Name: Shawn Michaels
Nickname: The Heartbreak Kid
Birthdate: July 22
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Weight: 227 pounds
Height: 6' 1"
Finisher: Sweet Chin Music

Career Highlights:
- WWF Heavyweight Champion (3)
- WWF Intercontinental Champion (3)
- WWF Tag Team Champion (3)
- Former WWF European Champion
- 1995 and 1996 Royal Rumble Winner
- Only Grand Slam Champion in history
- Founding Father of D-Generation X
- Trained by legend, Jose Lothario
- Current WWF Commissioner

Perhaps the most exciting and charismatic superstar ever to grace a World Wrestling Federation ring, Shawn Michaels, the founder of the controversial D-Generation X, is the self-proclaimed ICON of sports-entertainment. Michaels holds the distinction of being the only competitor in history to capture the "Grand Slam" of the Federation (holding the Federation Title, Intercontinental Title, European Title and Tag Team Title).

Injuries have kept the Heartbreak Kid from competing in the ring since WrestleMania XIV. However, ever one to seek the spotlight, Michaels returned in November when he was named the new Commissioner of the World Wrestling Federation! Even though Mr. McMahon promised to appoint a "free thinking, independent" commissioner, Michaels’ orders, at first, seemed to have coincided with the interests of The Corporation.

When Michaels prevented The Corporation from helping Shane McMahon while he was under attack, McMahon tried to fire HBK. When that didn't work, he ordered The Corporation to ambush him. That worked. Michaels suffered severe injuries. He underwent disk surgery and was soon back in the Federation fold. He still remains unchallenged as the Federation's Commissioner, and he's out for revenge, making The Corporation's existence a miserable one.

Bio is from the Official World Wrestling Federation Site