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Last Updated Thursday, January 27, 2000 


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The Private Life Of Shawn Michaels
photos and article appear courtesy of WOW Magazine

    Shawn Michaels is known as The Heartbreak Kid and The Boy Toy, but he's reached a level of maturity that over shadows the "frisky" side of those wrestling personas. Back injuries have forced him to halt his in-ring professional wrestling career, which began on October 16, 1984, and ended on March 29, 1999, at WrestleMania XIV with a memorable match in which he was pinned by Steve Austin.

    Three World Wrestling Federation world heavyweight titles, three WWF Intercontinental titles, and three reigns as the WWF tag team champion made Michaels (real name: Shawn Hickenbottom) a legend in the business. A consummate performer in the ring, Michaels could adjust his style to that of any opponent, and that ability put him in more "classic" matches than nearly anyone in the history of sports entertainment.

    Realizing the value of Michaels' work ethic and fan appeal, the WWF late last year named Michaels commissioner of the federation. His appearences are still greeted with enthusiasm by fans, who hope he can return to the ring.

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